2016-05-01 12:00

Cycling & the city : Kathmandu

Følg med Karthmandu Cycle City 2020 igennem Nepals hovedstad imod en mere sikker fremtid

UP hjalp i 2013 Cycling & The City med produktionen, her er deres egen beskrivelse af dokumentaren:

This documentary follows the Kathmandu Cycle City 2020 campaign’s journey and offers a glimpse of the lives of everyday citizens for whom the bicycle represents a livelihood, and questions a diverse cross section of Nepali society to ascertain whether bicycle infrastructure can be successfully implemented in the city. The bicycle is an affordable means of transportation that is well suited to the topography and size of Kathmandu. For five years now, the Kathmandu Cycle City 2020 campaign has worked tenaciously towards a more bicycle-friendly Kathmandu. Their efforts have ranged from bicycle rallies and radio shows to campaigns and lobbying the government. With the recent road-widening scheme underway in many parts of the city, this is an opportune moment to construct bicycle lanes on the streets of Kathmandu, and realize the promise of a livable city.